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Jun 24, 2018

The Time is Nie


Click to hear channeling
Guided Meditation (Violet Flame)

Message from Master Saint Germain ( minute - 12:13 )
. You are all the Violet Flame, not just me. . We are the new life. You are the ones creating the new world. First you create it inside yourselves, then you build it outside yourselves.

. New frequencies and energies are arriving to the planet. Sometimes these energies are difficult to work with, sometimes they are a blessing.

. "The time is nai (now)", for there are many changes coming now.

. The Cabal (dark secret society, shadow government) has been brought to their knees, but futilely still fighting.

. The ones that cannot handle the coming energies, cause the dark ones to lash out.

. The world is not dividing, the world is coming together, even if the Cabal controlled media does not show it so. If you are looking for the positive, you will find the positive, if you are looking for the negative, you will find the negative ( for those have eyes to see and ears to hear ).

. Time as you know it ( or have known it ) is ceasing to be. Timelines are beginning to merge.

. President Trump is the one challenging those Cabal forces, which have been at work for a long time (13,000 years of planetary conquest and control), and in doing so, he is finding himself at times, being kept from doing what he knows to do. Yet he is percevering, he is pushing forward. Because he is The One, that is meant to go up against this forces (The Cabal). And in doing so he is bringing about a great many changes.

. Reach deep within yourselves and find that strength within, to reach out to your brothers and sisters, whenever the opportunity arises. For you are the light to the world.

Master One Who Servess ( minute - 21:18 )
. Talk about "The Oneness" that is coming. You will be able to speak to the animals and to the plants.

. The secrets, the mysteries, the mysticism of telepathy is something we all had since the days times of Lumeria (13,000 years ago), right before we were invaded by the Dark ones. But after 13,000 years of conquest, we have lost these abilities. Well now these abilities are returning. The Druids societies.

Questions and Answers ( minute - 26:26 )
. New Space Force Military Branch approved by President Trump, to replace the "Secret Space Program", and yes there has been a "Secret Space Program" all along.

. There will be many mini-events, which will lead to the "Big Event", which will bring light to the many secretive programs and the corruption in our many Cabal-controlled secret governments.

. Question about the RV.

. You are in the beginning of the avalanche, of the first domino falling, and yes the first domino just fell.

. The Cabal's attempt to shoot-down president Trump while on Air Force 1 was real, but our president is well protected by the forces of light, by the ascended masters, and much beyond what we can even imagine.

. People in the UK are the ones who want out of the European Union. UK are not the only ones who want out of the European Union. The European Union is going to fall very soon.

. Question about the new downloads which heal the nervous system and remove blockages (chakras). As these energies continue to arrive, many of you will have metaphysical experiences more and more, whether in meditation state or just walking around your home.

. Question about "The Light-Body" ( also known as the Light-Merkaba-Body ). . The ascension process will come in waves. . At a subconscious level, we have all been held back, as to not realize that we had the free will to investigate these mystical topics in the past.

. Is the Kundalini awakening ascesion? - It is part of the ascension process, but not the full ascension. Kundalini is synonim with the realization that - "me and The Father are one".

. Trump not the one behind the children separation from their parents at the Mexican border. Cabal (dark forces) is using old photos to create a deceiving reality of what is really going on at the border. This is an effort by the ones that continue to try to divide the country ( divisiveness - preferred tool of the Cabal throughout history ). This is not President's Trump doing.

. We are moving towards a massive ascension. There will be several waves (a process). We are moving through this transition now.

. Nefarious children trafficking coming to an end, as the planet awakens to this deception.

. "The truth will set you free" .... more media such as this one will more and more being to report the truth.

. Continue to use discernment. We will nudge you here and there.

. All of you need to be "The Neo" from the Matrix. Be The One. You and your father (higher-self) are one, have always been one..

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