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Jul 02, 2017

Ancient Awakenings Call - Master Yeshua, AA Michael Master Kuthumi, Master Saint Germain, Master One Who Serves, Archangel Metatron


( click to hear Sunday's call - Part.1 )

( click to hear Sunday's call - Part.2 )

Call Summary - Part.1

 . All eyes are on earth now. 
 . From light-workers to light-warriors, a light-warrior is someone seeking to
   subdue himself / herself.
 . In order to lead yourself out of the illusion, you need light-warrior tools.
 . First comes your mastery, then you can help others.

 . Mastery tools to tame that dragon called - "The Ego".  Also referred to as lower
  impulses such as - desire to copare ourselves from person to person the desire of
  becoming distracted by outside elements, anger, hate, desire, connection, 
  addiction to senses.  

 Mastery tools:
   1. Gentle conscious breathing.
   2. 'I am' statements (daily intentions).
   3. Command your dragon (ego) by saying - 'I am consciously breathing
       now.'   For those with a bucking bronco dragon, say - 'I am in control of this
      vehicle now'
 . The dragon within you (Ego) will become very sneaky, so be mindful. 

Questions and Answers:
 . We are all anxiously awaiting those times when we can be more fully together
   and those times are not too far off.   Many of you are going to have experience
   with extraterrastrial contact, some in dreams, some in visions, some in conscious
 . Walk-ins
 . Power couples
 . Memories will be changing and shifting
 . Announcement of NESARA not far off
 . 'Keep on keeping on', remain in the now at all times, it will help to stay in the
   higher vibrations and this will help attract those things that you want for yourself.

Call Summary - Part.2

 . Master Yeshua (Jesus) unexpectedly showed-up and led meditation
 .  This is the consciousness shift that will be spoken about fo ryears to come - 'The
   new age of Gaia'.
 . There is no such thing as a figment of your imagination, that is a misnomer,
   imagination is as real as your everyday thoughs are.
 . "You are the light, you are the love, you are the way the truth and the life".

 . I am here to talk about 'Independence' ...... Archangel Michael
 . Independence really does require for us to go within and seek that guidance that
   is within us and and rely less and less from without us.
 . Do I have a connection to the creator?  Ask the question ....

 . We are at the point where things begin to manifest in reality.
 . Consious breathing is one of the foundations of achieving mastery.
 . Another mastery tool - Persistance
 . Reminder of the importance of - the Daily Intentions tool.   Vocalize your
   intentions throughtout the day.
 . A message for humanity - 'The veil will drop'.
 . OWS:  'you will be seeing dead people' (from the movie).
 . The lion will lie with the lamb.
 . Surrender and everything will be as it need to be.

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