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Jun 10, 2017

Zorra Call - Sister Planet, RV Update, The New Republic


( click to hear last Saturday's call )


Call Summary


 . Prophet Noah joke.

. RV Update, RV will not be stopped.

. Galactic Federation of Planets has sent a Space Ship from Ashtar fleet, and it has de-cloaked.

. Space Ship parked above North Korea ready to protect / prevent any missle launches.

. Galactic Federation has the power to open the bottom of the ocean to allow a ship in. The best of Cabal's controlled
  military does not stand a chance.

. Cabal space ships have been confiscated. The Cabal has no space ships!

. The New Republic is imminent. Paul Ryan and General Dunphor to step into their roles very soon.

. Rub your hands together and send your visualization to the White House and let's manifest the New Republic for this 4th
  of July.

. There will be no need for NDA agreements.

. The Cabal no longer has a money supply, no longer has a military.

. IRS will be discontinued. Minions trying their best to continue their activities, but they are doomed.

. OWK Update.

. Andromeda star system ships on the way to come get their incarnates.

. Replica planet ready to re-locate the ones that did not want to awaken, so that they may continue their life journey in the
  lower (duality) dimmension. Duality coming to an end on this earth planet so it cannot house lower vibration being going
  forwards. "Earth2" or "Sister World".

. The ones that awaken on the "Sister World" will not remember their ties to this earth planet. Beings on the "Sister World"
  will be able to advance to 5D at their own pace. "Sister World" planet has two moons. Governments have known about
  this planet for a long time, but yet another truth that they have kept from the public.

. There will be no 3 day of darkness. This is disinformation in order to bring fear, confusion and discord. This is not how
  the transition will take place.

. Enormous being (Lord Ashtar) will be communicating using the sky as a screen. So that people in remote areas and
  people in areas where only propaganda is televised (USA) can hear.

. All secrets hidden by governments will be disclosed.

. A water gateway being opened at the poles by our inner-earth neightbors. Polar ice packs being melted away to give
  way to the gateways to inner earth. This is the 'wake-up' call that the surface dwellers and the Agarthans is closer than
  we think. Not due to global warming, but due to purposeful melting in order to give way to the gatewys into inner-earth.
. 'Grandfather' is the author of the plan (60,000 years in the making). 'Grandfather' has been 2.5 billion years on earth and
  he lives in the Himalayas. He prefers to present himself to us as a 10-year-old boy.

. Message from Grandfather - "It's on my don king kong and it's on over-drive".

. Zorra healing.

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