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May 27, 2017

Zorra & Saraiya are Back !


( click to hear this Saturday's amazing call )


Call Topics Summary


. "All in the main-stream news, is not what it seems" ..... Zorra

. Ascension is of two types - one you get to take your body, the other one you don't. It is up to us which one we choose. A vegetarian diet is key to this.

. Want the RV to happen NOW? Then time to start meditating.

. The importance of meditation, and how to best do it. The Mer people will join you if done by the sea.

. Trees are the record keepers of our world.

. Inner earth beings creating a passage in Antarctic, so that in future ships could navigate freely to and from inner earth.

. Per Prime Creator, this is the year of disclosure.

. On occasion the North and South entrances to inner earth are cleared of clouds, and this has been photographed by satellites.

There are no disagreements in inner earth, there are no borders, no passports needed.

. There will be a gathering.

. There will be no such thing as 'private property' or locks in the new world.

. That is how it is in Hollow Earth.

. The Chinese Elders are not from this plane, they are from Alpha-Centroid.

. RV / GCR has been released and it is rolling out NOW privately.  No public announcement as of yet.  Don't lose hope holders !!!, Cabal putting out a lot of mis-information suggesting that the RV / GCR won't occur.  Zorra re-assures that holders won't be left out.

. Victims of the Cabal-created-ISIS attack in UK,   not related to Islam.   They are the ones who created ISIS.   Victims are now in 5th dimensional bodies. There is no death.

. The Pope (in essence) is being overshadowed by Master Saint Germain.  He is in the process of bringing the secrets of the Vatican forwards.  Also the secrets of 'Our Lady of Fatima'.

. Messenger Yeshua married Maria Magdalena and had three children.

. When Messenger Yeshua ascended, he ascended to a ship, disguised as a cloud.

. Updated on RV/GCR from One Who Knows.

. After NESARA / GESARA there will be no NDAs.

. News about immigrants from Hondurans, Guatemala, and El Salvador fleeing for their lives are mostly false flag news geared to lowering vibrations, not true.

. 'The Expansion' = 'The Gathering' - Everything from the 400ft mark into the earth to the surface, will undergo serious changes.  Humanity will have to be removed (The Rapture).  9.4 9.5, 10 rector scale earthquakes x 20. So humanity will have to be gathered in the arcs (only one in times of prophet Noah, but many ships now because we are 7.5 beings).  This is hence called 'The Gathering'.  And it is also called 'The Expansion', for earth will physically expand. 

. 'The New Jerusalem' which is where the ship where spirit of the one we used to know as 'Yeshua' or 'Jesus' has moved closer to the outside of our planet.

. Healing Meditation.

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