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Apr 01, 2017

The Sleeper Cell

Sleeper Cell History  | Sleeper Cell Removal  | Frequently Asked Questions

The History of the Sleeper Cell
Chaneled by Kathryn E. May
So now let me answer your question and give you some of the history about this dark cell, and why everyone has one.  Every single human - not the animals on the planet, but every human - has come to incarnate on Earth with this cell added to their being.

Now let me give you a sense of where this began.  You are aware, especially from this recent challenge, that planet Earth is truly the territory on which the battle between the Light and dark is being acted out.  For us, we don't really think of it as a battle.  The dark ones do.  We think of it as simply bringing the Light to a difficult situation.  As long as you continue to see it that way you will succeed because we cannot battle against the darkness because dark is nothing.  It is no thing.  It is an illusion, and when you bring Light, darkness disappears.  It evaporates. 

So, we came here, as I did when I incarnated here, as you have done.  We came here with the agreement that this was what we were to experience here.  And we formed a contract out of our sheer confidence and knowledge that Light is all, and our dedication to Source our Father.  We agreed to incarnate here amongst the dark ones, and in doing that we would carry a dark cell, so that we would experience some of what the dark ones experience themselves.  And in doing that we actually agreed to a kind of handicap.  And this was this agreement was hammered out over many, many Council meetings between the heads of the dark races and our Masters.  Many of you were there. 

We thought long and hard in the Company of Heaven about the implications of what this challenge would be.  But you see, this is not only about planet Earth.  This is where the plot thickens.  You know us as the Masters of planet Earth, but this is not our only job.  We are also... all of us, those you know by name those you have sensed, we are all beings of this Universe.  We have incarnated in many places.  

We have worked with the dark to bring Light across many planets throughout the eons.  It has been a long process, and one in which Lightworkers have always been called upon to help maintain and manage the dark ones, so that they could not take over.  And so it has challenged our integrity, our commitment, our loyalty and our strength to increase, expand, to continue our creations, to expand our galaxies, to settle planets, to create - to create new ways of living, new civilizations and all the while being able to contain the dark ones. 

Now as many of you know, the dark ones cannot rise above the upper fourth dimension and sometimes slightly into the fifth but just around the edges.  They have high technologies, but they are not of the Light in any form.  And so they have never experienced the high Earth dimensions that many of you have experienced.  And so they do occasionally decide to make trouble for all of us, and when that happens, we have to join together.  We have to be creative.  We have to be resolute, and we find imaginative and creative ways to protect ourselves and our loved ones while maintaining the contract, the Universal Law that is Free Will.

You see, those who have decided to join with the dark ones have free will.  They can come or go from the dark alignments, the loyalties that they have developed.  Many don't realize that, have not known that, but yet it is true, and Source would never permit that those of the Light simply wipe out their enemies.  It is not possible.  But those who are in the dark do not understand this.  They think it is a weakness on our part that we don't simply blow them up or eliminate them, but we would not do that.  They have free will like us, and the time comes when some of them may come to the Light and join us.  

And so that is always our hope that we will win - the Light will win because people turn and join us.  That is how the Light expands.  That is how we protect the areas of our Universes that we have designated to be our territory for Light.  But as you may now be coming aware, planet Earth has been in contention.  The dark ones hoped, especially after they were able to engineer the destruction of Atlantis, they hoped that they would come to the injured planet and simply take over.  And this is when this program really began in full strength. 

When Sanat Kumara said, "I will go to planet Earth and hold the Light, and I will remain as long as necessary,"  I said, "I will come.  I will walk the Earth, I will be in charge of what happens on planet Earth.  I will help my beloved friends, Lightworkers, who will stand up for humankind, who will incarnate among the humans who are being subjected to the darkness, and we will encourage as many as possible to come back to the Light."  This has been the system.  This has been what we have done for thousands of years.  

And as some of you may know, our beloved Sanat Kumara and his twin flame have recently gone to the new Universe to take up very important positions there.  So you see, our beloved Sanat, who came here to stay till the end, has now decided that he can go and move on to the exciting position of being Prime Creator, the two of them, of being the Prime Creators of the new Universe.

So our own beloved Masters will have the option to go to the new Universe, if we wish.  We all will have the wonderful options, but first we will finish our job here.  Our job here which is to bring the Light and to allow a new blossoming of the Golden Age on planet Earth.  

Now, that gives you a bit of a picture of the history and of the importance of this.  You know so many people say, "Oh I feel like a little grain of sand in this enormous Universe.  How could I possibly be important?"  Well, take the picture I've just given you and multiply it by a thousand.  I cannot possibly tell you how important this is because this... this... you could call it "drama" that is being enacted here will reverberate through the entire Multiverse.  And our triumph here will set a new standard. 

And so planet Earth will never again be harassed by the dark ones.  The energies are rising.  As we break through these barriers of the swirling dark energies around the Earth that have stifled Mother Terra's progress towards her Ascension and stifled the progress of all the humans on the planet...  now we are clearing that away, and everything is possible.  Terra will raise her vibration, will complete her Ascension, and all of you will be able to go with her.  And when you do, there will be no more darkness on planet Earth because dimensionally it will not be possible.  The cabal will not be able to sustain themselves in the Light of the new planet Earth. 

I know many of you are tired.  I know you've become discouraged at times.  It seems to be taking forever, but you understand what a massive, massive undertaking this is and how important it is to Source, to The Company of Heaven, to the entire Multiverse.  And so we must be thorough, we must be patient and we must be resolute.  And we ask for your help.  

When you send your love, when you send us your affection, your good feelings, your greetings, we feel it.  We're uplifted.  We know that that's you.  We know that you're helping us and we appreciate it.  

Now we hear some beeping (the phone being used is beeping to indicate a low battery), but that should be no problem.  We will continue.

Now let us continue to the removal of the sleeper cell.

I see we must have telephone issues (the sound fades out).... that was the problem thank you dear (for fixing the problem).

Lord Jesus (Sananda) and Archangel Michael are channeled and touch upon the Dark Cell topic ....


 Sleeper Cell Removal

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