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Dec 03, 2016

Hollow Earth Network family

Our beloved channeler and mother - sister Anne Dehart announces the closure of website.  We LOVE YOU sister, thank you for all that you do and did for the wold all of these years.   Thank you for the many blessings and love that you blessed us with.   

We bless you and we send you heart-felt love, and await for the day of the ballroom dance gathering.

To access recorded calls archive - Recorded Calls Archive
Dear Ones,

Today we have a Special Road to travel. I must find a point of beginning...
Since I have always had extraordinary good health, when I began experiencing pain a few months ago, I immediately began looking for the cause. This has taken me on a journey of discernment and fulfillment. As I have always said, "Every problem carries within it, its own solution."  In fact, the "problem" comes to us inviting our search for its solution, bringing knowledge and understanding of our new Lesson.
Tuesday, at my energy-worker's session, my body told me that this problem did not come from "without," - it was exhibiting something as a result of my daily experience. -  Yes, my lifestyle. The lifestyle on which I thrived for 5-1/2 years - was not now supporting me. It had to change. 
And, Dear Hearts - that is our beloved Hollow Earth Network. They finally got my attention! The Hollow Earth Network has fulfilled its Mission. We are all now aware of life within our planet - and, we also are aware of our Beloved Galactics. 

We have learned much. We have grown much. And it is time for each of us to now move on.  

And I will be moving on soon, as well. My Earth Mission at this stage is complete. And I look forward to at last going Home for a little R & R, before the next stage of my Mission.
And so, Dear Ones... at midnight Sunday, December 4th, Hollow Earth Network will shut down.
I give you this time span to allow you to perhaps gather some special postings you may want to keep.
Also, we will have our Saturday, December 3rd radio show, The Love Connection, at 9 AM Pacific.
And, on Sunday, at 12:30 PM Mountain Time, we will have our special rendezvous with Ancient Awakenings.
You may also wish to subscribe to this mailing list, if you are not already:   < href="" linktype="1" rel="nofollow" shape="rect" style="color: rgb(0, 0, 255); text-decoration: underline;" target="_blank" track="on">Subscribe   Yes, I will continue with our love letters as time permits.
But for now, I really do need some personal time, which I haven't had in years. The schedule has been pretty intense, with very little discretionary time.
And you too! That is what this is all about. Remember, we Ascend by ourselves - not hanging on to others here in 3D. Most of you are, as I, enjoying and growing through your own Quiet Time - not from reading thoughts on the Internet that came through distorted human brains. That will not enable our Ascension.
So, this is our time - yours and mine - time for seriously preparing Within for our Ascension. And... that also means, preparing for the arrival of our Other Half's and our mentors. All of this is "Within" work, and I am so looking forward to it.
As I was meditating this morning, I was given this beautiful idea... that we will have a page on the website these last four days: Time to Say Goodbye. It won't be up until this evening, as I go to Tucson today.
And for those who wish to write a brief Goodbye message... yes, brief, please... email it to me, - signed with your first name (last, if you wish) with the heading: TIME TO SAY GOODBYE.
This will give you a chance to say goodbye to all of us... yes, closure. I will do my best to get them all up on the new web page. Won't that be nice?

Now, let us celebrate this together. This is a Good Thing. We are celebrating the new paradigm... preparing for our reunion with our Other Half's, our mentors, and a whole new change of lifestyle.  Hooray!
And I will be right there with you, having more of my precious Quiet Time - getting things taken care of, as we always do before leaving on a trip.
And with that, Dear Hearts, I say goodbye for now, with my most treasured affirmation:
"I Joyously accept the fullness of the Mighty God Presence, the Pure Christ."
And of course, our Beloved Sananda is here, eager to speak with you...

Yes, My Beloveds, it is I, Sananda.

How grateful I Am, that My Beloved has taken this turn. It has been a long time coming, and not easy for her, at first - being so attached to her "responsibility" to you.

But that is the way of attachments. They must be confronted and handled. Attachments do not ascend with us. We must be willing to let them go.

This is a big step, not only for your "Mother Hen," but also for you, her beloved "chicks." And it IS time, Beloveds.

There is so much in store for you - you, too, need this precious Quiet Time to get settled in and ready. And I believe you will soon be very grateful. 

Once again, know that you are never alone. In fact, once you settle in to this new lifestyle - your Sacred Space, where we always await you - you will find so much Peace, Love and Understanding. This is My Beloved's gift to you.

I look forward to speaking on this Sunday's Ancient Awakening call - our special meeting place.

Until then, your loving brother

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