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Ebola, Nano Silver, Autism, The Flu, and HIV

Parents Hear The Truth About Vaccines

Scientists only consider whether the vaccines result in anti-bodies being created, not long term side-effects such as autism, ADD, rashes, brain damage, and death.

Ebola is Easily and Affordably Curable - Nano Silver

It is said that there is not cure for the Ebola virus - THAT IS NOT TRUE! There is a well known well characterized nutrient called - NANO SILVER. It is inexpensive, non-toxic, requires no refrigeration, self-strilizing and can be given to every member of the community.

DO NOT Vaccinate!

Cabal (illuminati) and their Depopulation plans

The Cabal have for some time now been executing AGENDA.21 - A depopulation plan (the Cabal prefers the politically-correct term of 'population stabilization') through lab-made viruses, chemtrails, and H.A.A.R.P. 48,000 children in India suffered permanent neurological damage and paralysis from Polio vaccine. 50 children from Chad begin convulsing after receiving a Gates foundation Meningitis vaccine.

US-Patent on Ebola

Jesus revals the Cabal Agenda

Tune-in to this amazing healing lecture where the importance of vegetarian and organic diet is discussed. Jesus (known as Sananda in this New Era) is channeled and speaks to human kind. Learn about the serious diseases that parents bring home when non-organic vegetables are brought home.

Vaccinations and HIV, Autism, and The Flu

Jesus revals the Cabal Agenda

HIV virus created at Fort McKinley, USA. 63,000 gallons of vaccinations distributed by so-called Christian missionaries designated for African and other areas of the world in order to address the mandate of the Cabal managed World Health Organization - "Population 2000". For Africa they chose AIDS. For China they chose the 'One child per family" law.

Vaccinations = Autism

After heavy lobbying from drug companies and vaccination manufacturers, President Reagan establishes the Federal Vaccine Court. The court has exclusive jurisdiction in all cases where children are injured by the vaccine. Compensation is paid by the Government, instead of the vaccine manufacturer. Cases are decided not by judges or juries but by Special Masters.

FDA attempts to Discredit Nano-Silver

Nano-Silver under fire from Cabal dominated FDA. Cabal forces African governments to turn down shipments of Nano-Silver for the cure of the Ebola virus. Documented research shows that Nano-Silver cures the Ebola virus but documentation and findings are being withheld through fear mongering tactics of scientist and researchers in the Red Cross. Cabal controlled United States Army Research Institute for Infectious Diseases developed 8 separate weaponized viruses organism not just Ebola.

"THE TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE" said Yeshua.  Learn know about the CABAL's agenda for profit through the two most profitable industries in existence - WAR and PHARMACEUTICALS plan to exploid us the human race for profit.

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