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GCR / RV Update - "Expectant"

by Dinar Chronicles

Nov 23, 2016

"I am realistic – I expect miracles."

--- Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

Aloha CC,

Final redemption center protocols have been engaged by NPTB this morning -- meetings have been constant we're told.

All humanitarian project and prosperity packages were delivered to their respective mangers over the weekend into Monday.

Market rates are live and hot on screens worldwide.

Sovereign rates are available only in private exchange scenarios -- and clients must know to ask for higher than screen rates, as well as justify a reason why they are needed.

Media blackout is in effect worldwide with the goal to begin RV before Thanksgiving, yet keep up the appearances of life and business per usual.

There are 3 different divisions for private exchangers:

Edge (5%), Aware(25%), Gifted (70%)

Each division has different roll out assignments for couriers and management protocol.

The plan is to neutralize the leading edge, yet still draw in or attract those who were gifted and are not paying attention -- sovereign rates are believed to be enough of a heightened attraction to warrant the community's full attention.

Another goal is to intake 90% of all ZIM notes within the first 2 days, and 80% of all currency notes within the first 6 days -- yet still keep the RV from the public's attention and be 70% complete by month's end.

500,000 private redeemers are expected by month's end, with 250,000 exchanging within the first 24 hours.

2.6 million public exchangers expected in total before Cyber Monday (80% IQD holders).

4.4 million total public and private redemptions expected by month's end (November).

8-10 million exchangers total by end of 2016; 12-15 million by end of second quarter 2017; 15-20 million by end of 2017.

All exchange and account hydration releases will commence together -- when banks and markets are closed.

An optimal release schedule is for the Thanksgiving holiday on Wednesday night (EDT) after the market and banks have closed (Friday being viewed as an unofficial holiday).

This gives the NPTB enough time (long 4 day holiday weekend) and long enough spending runway (full month before Christmas) to accomplish both objectives -- and quietly manage RV rush and hydrate global economy through US consumer purchasing power.

Current Sovereign Rates:

ZIM 56,000+
VND 138+
IQD 255+
IRR 250+
IDR 102+
AFA 10+

God is with us.