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GIVE! by Saint Germain - Unified Redemption Focus, Day 4

Nov 23, 2016

GIVE! by Saint Germain - Unified Redemption Focus Day 4

Saint Germain:

For our present moment together shall we begin by invoking the Violet Fire.  I am your Saint Germain, and together - with all our loving sincerity and joyful command - we declare:
         I Am a being of Violet Fire.  I Am the purity God desires.
         I Am a being of Violet Fire!  I Am the purity God desires!
         I Am a being of Violet Fire!  I Am the purity God desires!

Ahh that is better!  For now, we have declared that our will be God's Will.  We have called upon all that is not yet restored to the Light within us be so transmuted in this instant!  We have declared our purpose:  to be the healing and to be the embodied purity of God! 

Many of you are already Master Givers.  You give heart-fully and always.  Regarding our current ripe project, you have given: currency, advice, Faith, community, friendship, support of every kind.  You have given yourself to be transformed and prepared to usher in and sustain Prosperity and Freedom on Earth. 
In order to remain as a true GIVER - balanced, joyful, relaxed, certain, free - you must truly surrender your will to God's Will.  What are you surrendering?  You are surrendering the parts of you that were imprinted by a dark oligarchy with only a nefarious agenda.  You are surrendering the yet unhealed bits of your DNA, attitudes, beliefs, thoughts, intentions, behaviors, relationships and ego.  You are surrendering wherever you put yourself above God, whether you knew it or understood that or not.

What are you surrendering to?  You are surrendering to God, whose agenda is Love and whose substance is Light.  You are surrendering to what is real.  You are surrendering to your own Higher Self, your I Am Presence, which is the essence of God within you.  You are surrendering to the Guidance that results in your Highest Good and the Highest Good of All, always.  Always. 

My messengers have done an earnest effort of encouraging...of begging you to surrender to God's Will.  Now, I Saint Germain come directly to you in my Presence.  I come to you personally now, as you read this and take in the Light-filled transmission of my words, and I beseech you.  I implore you.  Take this very moment to give your heart, your mind, your will to God.  I will go first... 

"Father God, it is your loving son, Saint Germain.  As we come to the important moment of opening the floodgates of your Prosperity across the Earth, I am filled with new astonishment.  Thank you for guiding me throughout the eons, years and moments of this wondrous experience, this awe-filled project.  I present myself to you plainly, as I am in all my incarnations and I as I am here, now.  I speak with total authority for ALL of me when I say that I gladly and fully give my will to be as yours.  Thank you for every kind of experience I have had.  However, I now reclaim my will from every dark influence, choice and belief in every dimension and arena of life, so that I may return - now and always! - to living with your Will as my own. So Be It."

When you are ready, it is your turn.  Then, WE are READY to GIVE, like it has never been done before!  

Give freely with much joy. Give! Give! Give! Give! Give! Give!  Give!  Give!  Give! Give! Give! Give! Give! Give! Give! Give!  Give!  Give!  Give!  Give!  Give!  Give!  Give!  Give!  Give until this entire realm, along with every soul, is well healed.  YOU KNOW what to do, how to be.  You are the Prosperity.  You are the miracle.  You are the revaluation.  You are the reset.  You are the Gift.  You are the Event.  You are the Redemption.  You are the Givers! 
I love you tenderly.  Thank you for valiantly seeing through the most challenging aspects of our shared Mission.  We are one, always.

Respectfully, I am your Saint Germain.   

" You have no idea the Ascended Masters' great Love when They see you arise in the Strength of your "Presence" and render this Service - never is there such rejoicing in the Octaves of Light as to see those on Earth nearing their Victory and Freedom ." 

~ Saint Germain from his "I Am Discourses," Volume 13

(Channeled by Christine Burk 11/10/16)

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