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Message from Ashtar

Nov 22, 2016

Published on Nov 18, 2016
Ashtar: SECURITY! Unified Redemption Focus Days 11 & 12

Ashtar Inspired Art by Helga-Aurianne Hoogeveen

I am Ashtar.  I come to speak of security.  If you trace the original meaning and intention of this word you find: "free from concern."  To be secure.  You are secure.  The question is, do you know it?  Have you embraced it?  Have you been willing to heal and release the imposter feelings within you that have been posing as security such as: fearfully vigilant, widely suspicious, scrupulously practical, incessantly meddling, and ever worried.  Do you still remain fearful in the name of "security?"
You might be a bit surprised at my gentle council for this condition of yours which is: remaining vigilantly fearful in order to be "safe and secure."  I say to you: your true security resides within your true freedom and your true freedom is within your very own heart.  
Security is a natural result and quality of Freedom.  Sananda recently spoke to you of how you are a pathogen in the ailing body of the flailing matrix system (Link).  You are the health that is invading the sick body of society.  You are the cure -- as in the se-CURE-ity.  Your claim of the Christ within you is the the assured and ultimate safety you have longed for.  
So, how can you possibly FEEL SECURE in the midst of all the chaos that is around you?!  Here is how -- and listen with all your heart because this is a KEY to Freedom -- YOU CHOOSE Light/Love/God in the midst of all things!  This is your number one and everlasting security code/device/protocol/assurance. To declare yourself an agent of the Light, aka a child of God, you are announcing that you are, always have been, and always will be...SECURE, safe, loved and free.  
Relax your drive to interfere with others.  That is what keeps you vulnerable because that is how you violate cosmic law.  Allow others to be and to do as they choose in this Free Will zone.   
Go into the quiet of your own heart.  Choose Love.  Choose God.  Focus on how it is you may heal and restore yourself to the Light.  
If you choose to perceive what I speak of here, you will enjoy the coming days much more because you will be unencumbered by the unneeded burdens of this ending saga.  Instead, as you Redeem, as you Rise you will be free and secure to embody the Christ Consciousness that is the balm of all that ails.  It is through true integrity that your joy may now be felt unbridled and forevermore. 
I know you can do it. 
With all my love and support,
I Am your Ashtar

Tomorrow Sananda comes to further answer your heartfelt questions.  There is still time to submit yours! email Kathryn: kemay@aol.com 
See you tomorrow Blessed Family,
Kathryn, Christine, Meg & the Company of Heaven
LINK to Saturday's show:  HERE  

Tomorrow on the show, join Christine in the following decree...

Decree for World Governance!

We come in the Name, Power, Love and Authority 
Of our Mighty I Am Presence, 
and invoke The Great Central Sun;
Beloved Alfa and Omega, 
The Great White Brotherhood, 
and All The Legions of Light, 
asking that you take Command 
of all those that are influencing 
the destiny of Mankind and the life on our planet, 
and let the Divine Plan be fulfilled right now!

I Am the Invencible Presence 
taking Command of all 
Governments, Banking, Judiciary, Media, Military, 
Police, Prisons, Religious orders, Medical, 
Education, Music, Environmental and Comercial Industries 
right now and eternally sustained 
till we are Free and into the Light!
Let this call be executed 
by The Legions of Light 
according to God's Will.
Victory is ours in Love, governing this planet now! (X3)
Beloved I Am (x3)
And So Be It And So It Is!

Thank You for answering our calls.


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